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Apart from the South side of the island, you can find many beautiful villas and other accommodation types in all areas on the north side. If you are looking for absolute tranquility, in accommodation, with breathtaking views then maybe these areas are a very good choice. Wherever you are, the city of Skiathos is not more than 10 minutes away by car. The areas of ​​Vigles, Kalivia and Megas Gialos are located from 2 to 4 kilometers from the city of Skiathos and all have incredible views as they are located at an altitude of about 200 to 300 meters north of Skiathos. Other beautiful areas are Agia Kali, Agios Fanourios and Kechria, which also combine the absolute serenity of nature with stunning views. Finally, just opposite the city of Skiathos, we find the area of ​​Pounta, where although its only a few minutes away by car from the center, it offers absolute tranquility and unique natural beauty.

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